The Avida Digital Life Platform

This file catalogs the available documentation about the Avida system.

General Information

A Guided Tour of an Ancestor and its Hardware
The Directory and File Structure
Using Subversion to Obtain Avida
[@TODO]The Avida Scripting Language

Configuration Files

Setting up the Avida Configuration File
Energy model configuration
Setting up the Instruction Set
Guidelines to setting up the Events File
Guidelines to setting up Environments
Guidelines to Analyze Mode
Sample Analyze Programs
List of Actions

Guides to Modifying the Avida Source Code

A Conceptual Introduction to C++ in Avida
Guide to the Death/Birth Cycle
Guide to an Avidan Life Cycle
The Building Blocks of the Virtual CPU
The Environment Source Code

Coding Standards
Instruction Implemention Checklist
Environment Task Implementation Checklist

Revised 2006-08-30 DMB